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Starr Thompson - "A man for the ages and an unlikely friendship" - Part 2 of 2

As you know, last month we featured several stories on national police week. From that, we have one special story which relates to the gentleman we featured prior, Starr Thompson. In case you missed it, Starr Thompson is a 95 yr old widowed, WWII veteran, who by mere chance encounter, befriended a 7 year old boy named Chase and his dad, Dan Borgstrom one day, while at lunch. Dan and Starr immediately made a connection and have become dear friends ever since; meeting each week for lunch, life lessons and a few good jokes.
One day during lunch, Starr told Dan talked about how his dad had been a policeman, back in their hometown of Tuscaloosa Alabama. He told of how he was killed by vehicle theft suspects, in 1923, when Starr was only 3 years old. Dan, having been a 3rd generation policeman himself, immediately took interest. Starr shared with Borgstrom how he never really knew much, nor did he have anything of his fathers, by which to remember. That’s when Borgstrom sprang into action.
Last month, Borgstrom reached out on social media to friends and family in DC, or traveling there as part of Police Week; asking if anyone could take the time to get an impression of Starr’s dad, Officer Kenneth Thompson, from the memorial wall. The response was overwhelming, and below is an excerpt from the story Borgstrom shared on his Facebook page just this past week:
“When he was 3 years old, he and his mom received a knock on the door, from the local police chief, letting them know the man who was their husband and father, had been shot and killed in the line of duty. 92 years later, because of the generosity of dear friends Rachelle and Randy Dean, I was able to give him the impression of his Dad's name, from the national memorial wall in D.C. He had no idea it ever existed and has searched desperately to know more of his dad, for many years. I surprised him with it, and explained what it was, and then, we just sat. Quietly he stared at it, while tears rolled down his face. For what seemed like an eternity he just looked at it; breaking only momentarily to wipe the tears from his eyes. I said nothing (mostly because I myself had a tear or two). It was as if you could see the theater in his mind playing a million versions of "what should have been". After a few minutes, I asked him what came to mind. He went on to share all the moments he'd wished he had. All the things he wanted to ask and share with his "daddy". And then, somewhat surprisingly, he began to share his thoughts on loyalty, friendships and the things which losing his father, made him appreciate most. "Find a group of fellas and a lady who will be forever loyal, no matter what life may bring your way. You'll need them, and they'll need you. They are rare, hard to find and some folks never do. But if you can, like I did, you'll be one lucky son of a gun". He shared moments of disappointment, times of betrayal, and how they helped to mold him into the man he's become today. Little did I know, that by the week's end, I'd lean on those lessons, more than I could have ever imagined. There are a ton of smart folks these days, but not many wise ones. Grateful for the few I've come to know, particularly this one. DB”
An incredible story, over 90 years in the making. The bond of the brotherhood knows no limits, and knows no time. The work that was put into getting this done for Starr, on behalf of his deceased father, is a testament to that commitment of honoring our fallen, their families and the hurt which never fades, even after 90 years, two wars and a lifetime of service. Continue to hold the line, honor the profession and those who’ve paid the ultimate price.
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Starr Thompson - "A man for the ages and an unlike...

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